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"I'm 12 and even I'm not that messy"


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There is always light, warm or cool?
The Warrnambool Breakwater holds a special place in many locals lives. For myself it is part of a narrative that I haven't shared before. There are clues within the painting and throughout the show now on at the Warrnambool Art Gallery till September 26th. (The painting is in the show until then, so happy to take deposits).

This series of nocturnal paintings started while Manifold was in Warrnambool and have grown from there. They are an exercise in perspective - what do you see? Manifold sees a comforting glowing light in the darkness. There is always hope. The titles come from conversations overheard while out and about looking for compositions to paint.

Currently under Offer.

Oil Painting on Canvas 70 x 100cm.
Shipping inside Australia included.